Online Learning for Yoga Teachers

HTMLFusion creates a web based e-learning platform for yoga teachers for longtime partner YogaGlo.


Phase 1: Validate Idea

YogaGlo is the leading provider of online yoga classes, bringing the unique experience of taking classes with top yoga teachers into the homes of users around the world. YogaGlo asked HTMLFusion to develop a new product focused on yoga teacher training that would leverage the expertise they had already gained in producing high quality videos for online consumption.

To test the viability of the idea, HTMLFusion quickly built an application using a 3rd party learning management system called Canvas, to which they appended custom e-commerce, a video player for the instructional videos, and live videochatting with teachers. With an initial offering of two courses, the application showed scalable promise, and YogaGlo decided to invest in a full-featured version built from the ground up.

Initial Dashboard Wireframes


Video player wireframes


Phase 2: From The Ground Up

Rafai led the early charge to define what version 2 of the application should be and do. The team had already amassed a list of feature suggestions from their experience with version 1, which Rafai combined with a deep-dive investigation of the e-learning landscape, and interviews with existing users. From this, the team defined a unified set of features and presented them to YogaGlo. With their approval, Pedro jumped in to create the look-and-feel of the user interface. As the main YogaGlo website was undergoing an extensive redesign at the time, Pedro had to remain nimble in order to keep the design consistent with the evolving brand. In the end, he created a clean, flexible look that feels closer to a desktop application than a traditional website, and is unmistakably YogaGlo.

As the design process moved along, Jared led a team of developers including Mahesh and Santhosh in building prototypes of the main features. Beginning the coding early allowed HTMLFusion to test usability assumptions right away, which informed the ultimate direction of the design. In this way they avoided usability pitfalls that often emerge if the functionality is locked down in static design mockups. They were also able to deliver a demo-able version of the application in short order, which was a huge benefit to YogaGlo as they worked to build excitement in the yoga teacher community.

Phase 3: Iterate Based on Feedback

Once satisfied with the user experience, they opened it up to both students of version 1 and brand new users during a month-long beta test. The response was enthusiastic from students and teachers, but there was plenty of actionable feedback. In particular, users craved a more integrated experience, so HTMLFusion found opportunities to link features that previously lived independent of each other.

The application launched in April 2015, which required a significant logistical effort to port over users and content from version 1. HTMLFusion continues to work closely with Yogaglo as new teachers are lining up to bring their content to the application. YogaGlo Teacher Training is the first online platform created specifically for yoga teachers to provide their content to students, and it will allow YogaGlo to once again lead the way in their domain.

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