Philippe Lewicki: Tech Convergence and Mixed Reality

Technology veteran and visionary Philippe Lewicki speaks at conferences and events around the world, connecting the dots on emerging technology. 

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The next convergence

This talk is about the "next big thing."

We're at the birth of a new convergence of technology, and we're creating amazing products leading us to a new explosion of innovation and creativity. The impact of this convergence will be more disruptive than the smartphone.

Designing and coding with the Hololens

This talk is on building applications for the Hololens.

It's a series of best practices and guidelines we've learned while designing holographic user interfaces and coding with the Hololens.


The Speaker

About Philippe Lewicki

Multifaceted entrepreneur Philippe Lewicki has lived through the rise and fall of many tech products and startups, and over the past 20 years has fine tuned his instincts for what tech will matter next. In 2014, his verve for augmented and virtual reality inspired him to create the HTML Fusion lab, a research space exploring the possibilities for mixed reality accessible to all.

Philippe and his team are currently busy building a new kind of user interface with the Hololens.

Philippe lives in Culver City, California with his wife and three daughters. He’s also a people photographer, runs a street blog called Your Styles, is building his first racing drone, and rides to work on an electric skateboard.

How Mixed Reality Will Replace Smartphones

Here's Philippe giving one of his talks at VRLA.

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Making holograms a part of our lives

We're developing everyday uses for mixed reality. Here's our demo of a Hololens app that can be used at restaurants.

Want your audience to be inspired and excited about technology ?

Philippe Lewicki explores where we are as a society using technology, and the massive disruption mixed realities will create in how we interact with the Internet and our human peers.

His clear, entertaining talk on innovation and passion for technology are contagious and inspiring. Bring this energy to your tech-inspired audience.

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