We'll help you create mixed reality experiences with the Hololens


This is a restaurant experience we programmed for the Hololens -- what we imagine a user will be able to do in the not-so-distant. You can scroll through a menu and change your lights by clicking the air.

From our lab research, it was clear that merging the real and virtual worlds required real-time 3D scanning with perfect head and gaze tracking. It's not an easy problem to solve, and Microsoft Hololens nailed it.

Why use the Hololens?

The Hololens is the most advanced, practical technology for augmented reality apps and experiences available today. We work with our clients to make them aware of the headset's possibilities and develop solutions for their business.

Our lab spent much of 2015 testing and researching new user interfaces for a holographic world, and further broadened our knowledge at Microsoft's Hololens Academy in Redmond, Washington. The Hololens is the first practical device that enables the user interfaces we're designing.

Have a question or an idea for the Hololens?

Talk to us about it. We're developing right now and very excited about new projects.