Mixed reality is changing the ways we work.

It's more than just holograms and gaming.


The ability to manipulate elements that don't physically exist opens countless possibilities, from the fluidity of hands-free computing to imaginatively creating and problem-solving with surprising ease.

Our reality is our new canvas. 

How augmented reality works

We study and create powerful holographic user interfaces and experiences.

Before Microsoft released the Hololens to developers, we used a combination of key technology to create and develop augmented reality in our lab:

  • Optical-head-mounted display
  • Infrared cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Head-movement detection
  • 3D scanners and surface detection 
  • Eye tracking

When all of this technology is precise, fast and miniaturized, we can merge what you see in the real world with computer-generated visuals. The result is a seamless, awe-inspiring transformation of the world around you.